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Monday, November 2, 2009

homemade...adorn me!

in the past, i was a do it yourself queen. give me some scissors, some bleach, some beads and watch me go. if i could sew, oh, i would be dangerous. lately, i have slacked off, opting to just purchase my look instead of creating it. my outfits have grown much more tame, needless to say. but im back, guys. and this time, i will be adorning girls' best friend. no, not diamonds. shoes (more specifically, heels).

i absolutely hate looking like everyone else. originality is my sister from another mister. so, when i read my fave magazine and saw what they were doing to embellish and individualize heels, i was elated. it also helped me to brainstorm a few ideas of my own. lucky for you, im here to share...

fishnet foolery
grab a pair of fishnets (or any hose) in a color that doesn't clash with your heels. cut them off at the knees or a little lower (for a more conservative look) up until before the toesies. then, my dears, you stick your toes in just like normal and then twist the two straps that you remain with around your foot and up the ankle as if they were strappy sandals. twist and knot creating a cute bow. put your shoes on and voila! mission complete!

just ribbon!
glue a wired ribbon in a complimentary color to the bottom of your best heels (works best on round toe shoes). then, tie your prettiest bow. and you're done!

adorn me
as of late, many celebrities have been forced to rock the ankle bracelet and have turned it into a major accessory. in addition, fashion phenoms have adorned every inch of their bodies with multiple necklaces, bracelets and even tattoos. so in light of this craze, i think it is only fitting to accessorize the hell out of your ankles as well. they say that (for many) it is the slimmest part of the body. so go out and buy multiple anklets at claire's or one of those cheapie stores. two or three of each would work best. then, simply layer the look with your sexiest heels.

when i wear high heels i have a great vocabulary and speak in paragraphs. i'm more eloquent. i plan to wear them more often. *meg ryan

keep struttin', my lovelies! xoxo jenna pearle

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jenna pearle said...

btw, the inspiration for these ideas came from jane magazine (september 2006).