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Friday, October 30, 2009

yankee gal

hello kitties!

newsflash!! the yankees are in the world series and even won their first game. and so that got me to thinking about the quintessential accessory, the yankees cap. it has become a symbol that represents much more than a team. it signifies cool. it represents style. it symbolizes power. it embodies that of a winner.

little anecdote: i have this nerdy, prudish relative. one particular night, we had plans to go to an outside club. i tried my best to help her loosen up and find her inner bad girl. she donned the tank top and jeans but then it happened. she placed her pink yankee fitted atop her fuzzy bun and like Frosty with his magic top hat, she was transformed. instant cool!!! a few free cocktails and she was good to go. and so goes the magic of the yankees hat. so today, i tip my hat to the yankees and the accessory cooler than cool whip.

xoxo jenna pearle, ny ny

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Anonymous said...

Nice anecdote.Go Jenna! Go Yankees!