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Thursday, October 29, 2009

some real women have curves (& some don't)

hello kitties! it has been reported that karl lagerfeld has made some insulting comments about the curvy girls of the world. the comment was along the lines people don't want to see round women. he claims that the backlash against skinny women is by these unwanted round women who sit on their couches, eating potato chips. i won't say much about this quote and give the formerly round karl l. anymore attention than he deserves. just a few thoughts. something tells me that karl is not a fan of women, round or otherwise. and as i stated before, it wasn't so long ago that i recall seeing a lot of more of mr. lagerfeld (waist wise). do i decect a bit of a complex?

anyhoo, here are some pics to prove karl wrong. enjoy the dangerous curves ahead.

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