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Saturday, April 9, 2011


i showed you my spring inspiration a few posts ago.  you all that i was kidding, huh?  well, to make sure i'm on the right track, i purchased these gawg-eous sophisticated pants from asos.com.  after perusing their cooler than cool site, i'm convinced they are the next best thing.  i'll be doing a post on some dresses i'd sacrifice a digit for.  anyway, aren't these pants (at least the picture of them) the best?!  i've already begun composing outfits around them as well as events to wear them to.  what makes them so "me" is the bold royal blue color and the flattering cut.  kudos, asos!  let me know what you would pair them with...

besos jenna pearle*


made-to-travel.com said...

i loooooove asos! love! they are by far my most fave online site right now, wonderful choice on the pants, i hope we get to see them on you, friend.

jenna pearle said...

i am completely impressed with asos and can kick myself for not finding them sooner. can't wait to see how the pants fit.