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Saturday, April 9, 2011

words of wisdom from the ill na na

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i know nicki minaj has been getting a lot of press lately (passionista place included) but ms. foxy brown has always been one of my favorite emcees (notice i didn't say female).  obviously she's drop dead gorgeous but beneath all that is raw talent (both are things she rarely gets credit for).  perhaps (a la naomi) she can get a bit...crazy.  but who among us doesn't have flaws?  anyway, this quote is truly why i love her.  it was clear to me that foxy (aka inga marchand) suffered from a bit of low self esteem in the beginning of her career.    like many other chocolate girls, she was made to feel she wasn't enough.  unlike (allegedly) many other female rappers and entertainment types in general, foxy seemed to overcome her insecurities.  instead of running to the nearest plastic surgeon, she remained the lil foxy we always knew and loved.  for that and the quote above, i applaud her. 

besos jenna pearle*

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