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Monday, January 9, 2012

mentor #1: j'adore jessie adore

hola, lovelies.  so a couple of days ago, i was mentioned how i was taking on some fashion mentors this year.  i told you how i wanted these individuals to #1 keep my routine stress free #2 further develop my personal style and #3 maintain my "dowhatchalike" and "idgaf" lifestyle.  that was the plan.  therefore, it's time to reveal my first style maven mentor: jessie adore.  now,i've been meaning to tell you about this lovely lady for quite some time.  i've probably been stalking her blog for close to two years because i so "adore" her lifestyle (you'll see her at the top of my blogroll).  she's so cute, her hair is cute, her clothes are cute, her apartment is cute, her friends are cute.  who wouldn't want that?!  plus, she's all short and curvy (so, a gal like me can identify). 
but what i love most about her is that nothing seems forced.  nothing that she wears or does seems to be because she thinks that's what's hot (as paris would say).  i believe this is just her genuine individual style.  this is the case whether she's dolled up in a dress fit for a 40's siren  or in her jeans at the park.
so, it is official...jessie will guide me through 2012 and remind me that i can do as i please. i, too, can have a fabulous, fashionable life, if i so choose.  it was written... 
stay tuned for my next two fashion fairy godmentors... 

besos jenna pearle*

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