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Friday, January 13, 2012

fashion fairy god mentor #2- e. badu

so, who is my second fairygod mentor, you ask? none other than the magificent badu.  ms. erykah badu is fearless in  so many aspects of her life.  however, fashion is one where she takes no prisoners.  from day one when i saw her sitting at d'angelo's piano (lady remix by d'angelo) looking so beautiful and yet so unusual (especially compared to the usual video hotties) back in 94' or 95'.  her head was wrapped high and mighty, her skirt was long and triumphant.  i had no idea who this queen was but i wanted to know more.  fast forward to 96', erykah badu makes a big splash  in music (baduizm) and how to be original.  bottom line for badu seems to be "i don't care what you think."  when her headwrap began to appear to gimmicky and took away from her message, she got rid of it.  when her wig was threatening to blow away during an outside concert in brooklyn (dave chapelle's block party), she whipped it off herself.  badu is not interested in selling sexiness.  she's more into expressing herself on her own terms.  that is exactly why i want some a sprinkle of her baduizm fairy dust on me.  erykah embodies the exact elements i crave in a fairy fashion god mentor. 
besos jenna pearle*

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