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Monday, December 27, 2010

a different "different world"/ 2011 class reunion

when i was a kid, thursday nights use to be my favorite.  at eight, it was 'the cosby show.'  right after, there was the show that would change my life, "a different world."  for those of you who aren't familiar, "a different world" was a spin-off of the cosby show about life at a historically black college/university.  from day one, i was hooked.   i knew from scene one, i had to make my way to one of these hbcus (abbreviation)......and that was one promise i fulfilled.  this show was my first taste of what college life was really like:  young adults navigating their way through becoming responsible full-fledged grown ups. 
besides the captivating storylines, one of the other main reasons i tuned in was to see what each character would be wearing.  there was whitley gilbert, the upper crust southern princess unwilling to sacrifice the good life.  then there was freddie brooks, the free-spirit flower child down with the revolution and up for deep meditation.  last but not least, there was lena james.  lena was the fly, urban griot fresh out the hood.  these characters let their costumes tell their unique story.  so, what i decided to do was recreate their fabulous style with a 2011 edge.  so, for the "different world" class reunion, i present:


if you dish it, we can take it! 
besos, jenna pearle*