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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you look like no-sasha not-so-fierce

lately, (usually) bey gets her clothing choices right.  however, this time...........well, this was wrong.  this was all wrong! while i always like a striped tank, adding a cropped crochet vest that ties and then a decorative belt that brings attention to the widest section of her body was not a good idea.  to top it off, bey decides on the long necklace as if there wasn't enough going on.  the ill fitting, unflattering cropped pant add to the rest of the chaos.  what was she thinking??  on a positive note, i do like the hair and make-up.  tsk, tsk, ms. knowles.  you know better than this.  but everyone deserves to have an off day.  all is forgiven.  

 besos jenna pearle*