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Thursday, March 24, 2011

baby boy for rachel and rog

rachel zoe and her hubby, roger have their new son, skylar morrison!!!! really exciting news!  i know they must be thrilled.  i have been really missing the show and hope they return soon.  i also hope it will be entertaining since the departure of the blonde bitchy assistant (forgot her name; was it kate?) and brad goreski.  congrats, rachel and rog!  no pressure for the baby's fashion sense but i do wonder what little skylar will wear first...  besos jenna pearle*


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, no it was taylor. p.s brad has a blog. and it's awesome. i do miss the show, but i also wonder if i will love it as much without the dear bradley.

jenna pearle said...

right, right...taylor. was watching the marathon on bravo today and realized my mistake. brad and taylor made the show but i do love joey. it probably won't be the same again but maybe lil skylar can spruce things up a bit. i will be looking for brad's blog; thanks!

Dans Mon Boudoir said...

I love these pictures of Rachel! She's so beautiful with a bump! :)