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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

galliano's defense team

perhaps you've heard about the scandal concerning dior's john galliano and his racist remarks.  at this point, he has been fired.  not surprisingly, galliano issued his apology and headed off to rehab in true celebrity fashion (no pun intended).  what is surprising (although i don't know why human behavior still shocks me) is the reaction of others particularly those in the industry.  there are SO many people defending him in various ways.  i truly just can't believe it.  according to patricia field, we have simply misunderstood him and it was all just a show.  i guess similar to charlie sheen he is just so genius and artistic, we just can't grasp his concepts.  others felt sorry for him and the loss of his job.  many blamed it on the alcohol ( i just smiled as i typed that, thanx, mr. foxx).  does alcohol not bring the truth to light?  i have never drank so much that hateful thoughts i never had about race/gender/sexuality all of a sudden came oozing out of my mouth.  maybe its just me.  a few of the fashion forward have decided that the victim here was galliano.  apparently, his rights were violated by the vile degenerates who chose to tape and post this rant.  shame on them.  i think i heard it was the person who was being verbally attacked (or the boyfriend of the attacked).  shame on them.  it was a busy french cafe.  if it were a hidden video camera in his home, maybe i would be able to conjure up sympathy.  unfortunately, i cannot. would it be better if it came from the cafe's security camera?   i am happy that this was revealed.  i like to know these types of things so i can decide if i want to support this person.  in addition, i also can think about these supporters of galliano and if i will support them in the future.  what are their motives?  is it because he's talented and so this is excusable?  is it because they don't want to make any enemies in the business?  or is it because this could have easily been one of them in another place with a disgusting comment about some other group?  either way, i was thoroughly disappointed.

besos jenna pearle*

ps-kudos to natalie portman for her quick shutdown response to galliano's cruel comment.

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