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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

happy school year...scarlet fever edition

this september, i wanted to make sure back to school attire was addressed at passionista place. but, the more i thought about putting together an essential must have list, the more i freaked out. its because everyone's personal style is so different, i wouldn't know where to begin. if you're in high school or younger, i think what is most appropriate is dressing for your age. that means nothing too short or too tight and provocative. you have you're whole life to knock yourself out in that arena. this the time to experiment with various looks and to change your mind whenever you feel like it. that said, i've decided to forgo all of the back to school basics and give you a few suggestions in a three part series. so here we go...

red! red is one of the major colors of the season so why not start young? plus, there is hardly a human being alive that doesn't look good in some shade of the vibrant (or not so vibrant, your call) hue. confused about how exactly to incorporate this fearless color into your new school year warbrobe? well, passionista place to the rescue! just take a look above for the visuals. read the list below for more suggestions.

why not try a red...

  • lip

  • nail

  • hoodie

  • ballet flat

  • chucks

  • cardigan

  • scarf

  • hot dress

  • skinny (cigarette) jean

  • winter coat

xoxo jenna pearle*, the crimson crusader


Dolls Factory said...

not all of them together..seperately the color is really special. you call it scarlet I call it Valentino red ahaha. Thank u for the cute comment. My blog'd name comes from the building I live, as it is the ex-factory of Mattel where barbie dolls were produced.

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jenna pearle said...

of course, not all together...unless thats yr thing. lol.