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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a rockin, stylin new years eve

starting out on the right foot is imperative for achieving success. that is exactly why you must choose the perfect NYE (New Year's Eve) ensemble. Whether you're hitting the party scene or taking it easy with loved ones at home, how you look (and feel) will set the tone for the night and year to come. follow some or all of these tips to get the glam look:

*pick up the perfect dress. will this dress be the statement piece or the vehicle for your fab accessories. my advice is to go short and seductive. then, be sure to glam it up with statement jewelry that will keep you shining past midnight.

*i think by now i have made it abundantly clear that me and cold are not friends. choose a pair of tights that add appeal to your frock (if its plain) or plays second fiddle to the frock. at the very least, invest in some delicate nylons (how about the vintage inspired hose with the line in the back?).

*color is your friend, passionistas! tonight is your night to shine. add brilliant bursts of color to your outfit to keep you from blending in to the background. my favorite attention grabbers: yellow, turquoise and of course, hot pink!

*don't forget to choose a cute and complimenting coat. also, keep a cardigan or shawl close by. coordinate the color of these with your hawt dress and shoe combo.

*there is nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drummer in pants. liquid leggings or a pant suit are both great options.

i really hope that you all have a great night; hope you have a great and productive year!

cheers xo xo jenna pearle

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