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Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy 2010! resolutions for my revolution

happy new year, everyone! its 2010 (in case you were unaware), and its time for resolutions. i won't bore you with all of mine. instead, i'll edit this to the resolutions that deal specifically with fashion in '10. since i am the founder and editor-in-chief of passionista place*, it is only fitting that i, jenna pearle, get it together fashionwise for the new year, don't you think?

  • incorporate more dresses, skirts and maybe dress pants

  • try and dress as if i'll most likely run into an ex or an enemy everyday

  • experiment with make-up routine, try more false lashes, red lips, blue eyeliner maybe

  • trust your judgement, but not that bitchy inner critic (i call her taylor). shut that chick up!

  • re-evaluate wardrobe every 2-3 weeks and create new outfit options (for all occasions).

  • try a new hairstyle at least once a week

  • go thrifting for one of a kind pieces every once in a while (helps my style and wallet).
  • keep up with cute accessories and hawt shoes.
  • have a boat load of fun!

i have a few goals for passionista place* as well. one i'll share now is my quest for a logo. i can't think of what symbol could best represent what we stand for here at PP. i'll keep brainstorming, though. anyhow, happy new year again. i hope to have a productive and happy decade to come and i hope the same for you.

kisses, jenna pearle

ps the pic is by dalton flint courtesy of lookbook.nu. i believe it sybolizes my goals for 2010.

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