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Friday, February 5, 2010

she wants to live the glamorous life...

i have so many thoughts that i'm not sure where to begin...well, here goes:

i will be flying south for the winter (at least for the rest of february). this is something i am really excited about. its an adventure for myself and my husband that i hope to enjoy. it will also give me a chance to explore my new year fashion resolutions. as you may recall, i promised to try a new hairstyle every week, experiment with my make-up and incorporate more dresses and skirts. (if you don't remember, check the archives "resolutions for my revolution.")
unfortunately, it is an impossible task when the weather is so brutal! a new hairstyle for what if my hair doesn't fit under a hat (which is quite the necessary acessory over in the empire state). consider a dress when the two pair of pants i'm wearing are barely keeping me warm?! i don't think so. however, despite the good excuses, i am a little disappointed in myself for not sticking to the plan.
however, i feel florida will be my second chance...its hot and we'll have a car (which is my other excuse for not wearing heels often, heels on the subway and these mean ny streets, uh uh!)
speaking of adventures, i came across a blog by this girl who is in search of glamour for the new year (adventures in glamour). began reading it and was instantly engrossed! i think we can all relate to her struggle. while i do empathize and relate to this dilemma and do agree that glamour is important in a many a girls' life, i do think that glamour is sometimes just an image. there are people we feel live a glamorous life at every moment, but something tells me this is not true of most. they look a mess when they wake up, perhaps drink juice out the carton, veg out on the couch from time to time ect. just like everyone else. what convinces me of this notion is figuring out what surprising perceptions people had of me. they imagine (based on appearance, my demeanor and/or their own fantasies)something much more fabulous than what i am. only my hubby, close family and friends have any idea of what my real life is like. as for this blogger, something tells me that she is glamorous already in her own right (but i applaud her quest). join her at http://adventuresinglamour.tumblr.com/ and tell her jenna sent you.

livin the glamorous life sometimes, jenna pearle*
illustration "broken promises" by kris lewis courtesy of suicideblonde.tumblr.com

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