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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

homemade-do it yourself bad girl jean

revamped an old idea and thought i would share my knowledge with the world. well, ok, i'll just share with you. sometimes, i get crazy with the scissors and make sexy slices all over my jeans. Then winter and reality hit and i get cold...so, my solution: fill in the blanks. for regular, practical days, i simply add tights (colored and/or patterned tights if i'm feeling dangerous). when its time to reveal my vampy, tough chick nite look, i wear my lace or fishnet stockings under my skinny jean. if you really like the look, commit to it and sew your choice of lace into the random holes in your jeans.

btw, when you must wear your fishnets although the temperature is colder than a chicago winter night, wear a pair of stockings underneath your hooker hosiery. if its really frigid, why not wear the tights with the fishies? great tips to use on new years eve, lovelies.

enjoy xoxo jenna p

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