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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

twi-hard another day

like a true twi-hard fan, i pre-purchased my tickets for the movie.  can't wait to see edward and the crew again.  besides the cute love story, i love all the beautiful photo shoots i've come across since twilight (the movies) began.  here are a few more i've come across in the last couple of days (courtesy of vogue italia and tumblr).  i know kristen stewart doesn't have much range when it comes to facial expressions...but the one face she mastered is gawg-ous! pair that with her rebellious tomboy style and you've got gold.  i won't even get started on the guys (besides mentioning edward's smoldering, glittery pale look that could melt any human heart and jacob's topless teenage tirades {swoon}).  suffice to say, i'm eagerly awaiting the breaking dawn like a adolescent hormone crazed girl.
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