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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Extra, Extra!!!


so do you need an accessory that will make almost all your outfits look better? do you need an easy to add extra that will make give you the appearance of being hip and cool? well, i found it. its the newsboy cap. yes, i said it, the newsboy cap. this hat will prove its worth in many a ways. the right one can give you that downtown, cool girl appeal. this is especially so with a minimalist outfit like jeans, tees and heels, tall boots or even Chucks. it can also provide the collegiate look. mix in a blazer or cardigan, maybe a hot leather satchel and you have the ingredients for hawt, scholastic honey. another plus, this is the best remedy for those good hair gone bad days...

if you are daring enough to attempt this look, please consider the following guidelines.

1. get a great fit. you don't want to be walking around thinking you're fierce but really resembling grandpa. choose one that isn't too big or bulky. also, avoid wide brims

2. choose a basic color. as i stated, this can aid all your outfits so don't pick a color that will clash with 80% of your wardrobe. feel free to buy more creative options after you have your basic cap.

ok, cool cats...enjoy! ciao jenna pearle

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