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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

penny for my thoughts...

my mother (and a few others) can attest to this. i didn't get penelope. i did not find her beautiful but rather strange looking (my exact description: teradactyl). her thick spanish accent didn't mesmorize me. it just distracted me from understanding her talent (if she had any). maybe it was because of how we were introduced. remember vanilla sky...i was not impressed (in her defense, i didn't like the movie as a whole). then it came out that tom cruise was leaving his wife (who is another one who i don't get) and moving on with his co-star penelope cruz. how convenient...how cliche. cruz and cruise. ever since then, she's been praised and plastered everywhere. i was so baffled, i actually went around with her beauty ad, asking "do you find her beautiful?" i just needed to see if i was missing something because of some deficiency on my part. none of their anwswers convinced me. if they said no, they may have been trying to give me an answer i wanted to hear. if they said yes, they may have been brainwashed by the media and loreal. family guy did confirm my opinion about the teradactyl thing, btw.
but all of a sudden, she began to grow on me. i watched her in blow and began to second guess myself. then there was vicky cristina barcelona. GENIUS! i LOVED it. and penelope proved herself in my eyes. soon, her little pinched face became better looking to me. overnight, i began to appreciate her beauty. isn't that what i'm suppose to be about?! celebrating all kinds of beauty. so, penny, i apologized for my judgement and miseducation of who you are. and also, i heard its your birthday today so have a good one!
xoxo jenna pearle*
ps p cruz has a gorgeous and talented lil sis named monica who's beauty you acknowledge immediately.

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