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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cherry bombs

"hello daddy, hello mom...i'm your ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!"

"hello world...i'm your WILD GIRL!"

i finally got a chance to see the movie "runaways." it was quite a difficult task getting to see this movie. for one, this nationwide opening didn't really happen. i live in nyc and discovered it was playing at only two small theatres. speaking of one, i noticed that like me almost everyone who was watching the film came alone. hmmm. so, i admit i missed the first five minutes or so of it. fortunately, i was determined to see it so i entered the already rolling biopic.
anyway, i enjoyed this film even though it was jagged and short on details. i was surprised that the movie focused on cherie currie's perspective more than any of the other girls. actually, the other band members beside cherie and joan were excluded for the most part. they were present but not explored in the least. however, i think i remember hearing that the movie was based on cherie currie's biography. that said, dakota fanning did a fabulous job; no surprise there. what was different is that she was tackling more adult information although she was playing a character around her age. i found her convincing, nonetheless.
as for kristen stewart's portrayal of joan jett...bravo. i'm not sure if stewart is a phenomenal actress or if she just naturally embodies the spirit of jett. her swagger and bad ass but sensitive demeanor kept me glued to the screen. although i'm straight, it was easy to identify and become attracted to the rock n roll queen. as far as i'm concerned, kristen had that magnetic appeal that the director was trying to coach out of dakota. either way, both girls did a magnificent job.
so anyway, on to more important topics...clothes and costumes. oh yeah, and hair. this movie did not disappoint. platform boot rocking cherie was the sexy one with lingerie and leather. joan was true blue rock n' roll with tight tees spraypainted with the names of rock legends (great idea for diy), spectacular leather jackets and tight jeans. one of the girls wore a fantastic seventies flip while lita ford sported the marcia brady long locks. to sum up, the girls looked good. btw, i did not know that lita ford was even a member of the runaways. learn something new everyday.
i am glad that i took the time out to see this film. it left me wanting more, especially of joan jett. would love to hear more about her life in the future.

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