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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

F21 42

i finally made my way over to the new forever 21 time square store the other day. it was one of those grey and gloomy sundays where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. between subway delays that made me late and rude people working at the studio giving me attitude, i was unable to make my cardio dance class. so whats a girl to do? SHOP! i ventured over to the gigantic neon forever 21 sign like an angel following the bright light. and i was not disappointed with what i found. in fact, i was very impressed. the layout of the store was easy on the eye and spread out. no messy racks to scour through, no constantly bumping into people as you shop. there must have been at least three or four floors and all were organized beautifully. i felt like i was in retail heaven. the jewelry was magnificent, meeting any personal style requirements. the accessories were closet must haves, especially the purses/clutches. they had a fantastic make-up section with a variety of lovely eyelash kits. even the men's selection was worthwhile. it was way better than any other f21 or h&m that i've visited. the hubby will be happy, i'm sure.

needless to say, this forever 21 location brightened my dreary day. in the end, i fought off the temping wares and bought nothing. but i couldn't keep my mind off this perfect army fatigue bag i spied that was the perfect size for my life. so a week later, i went back and purchased it. i deserved it!!!!

here are a few of the beautiful things i came across at f21 (check out my bag) up top.


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