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Monday, August 16, 2010

bestie wishes

every girl needs a bff riding shotgun on the journey called life. someone has to be there to give you perspective, to make you giggle, hold your hand (or your hair, depending) or just to lend an ear. i have been pretty lucky; i've had some really great individuals come into my life. however, i got to thinking who would be my bestie if i were in the celebrity world. here is what it boiled down to: what are your picks?

oprah- what i wouldn't give to be in gayle's shoes! and believe me, its not about the money (well, just a little bit). imagine all the a-ha moments you could have if oprah was your bestie. all the knowledge, all the self reflection. i would SO be living my best life

girls nite out-intimate dinners at o's where we discuss life, book club meetings at o's house, shopping!!!

nicole richie-check her credentials. we were introduced to ms. richie as the ultimate bestie she has a wicked sense of humor and is always up for an adventure.

girls nite activity-road trip people watching (aka making fun of people) at the mall or even a slumber party w/truth or dare...

angela simmons-the little sister in my head. this girl has a great personality to match her creative style. she's a girl's girl. outspoken but sweet, angela is irresistable.
girls nite out- shopping at brooklyn flea, watching sex n the city or any other girlie movies.

jilly from philly (jill scott)-everyone needs a friend like this in their corner. wise and worldly, jill looks like the perfect person to give advice on all topics. its imperative you have someone you can have grown-up conversations with and jill fits the bill. and she looks funny as all get out.
girls nite out-open mic/poetry slam, out for tea n talk, shoe shopping

drew barrymore-make no mistake, ms. b is down for her girls. she's the type of friend that will never put her current beau in front of her longtime chicas. giggly, sweet and a bit spacy, drew has the perfect combination for fun. she's the type to help you party hard, all the while completely sober.
girls nite out-ladies night at any dive bar, taboo nite@ the house or clubbing

amber rose-the friend that causes controversy. there are some nights when you want all eyes on you (and your crew). at least, i do. dressing up in outrageous clothes, dancing wild on the dance floor, meeting as many people as you can...the makings of a beautiful night. amber rose has the star quality, the pizazz to ensure a phenomenal night.
girls nite out: fashion shows, premieres, vip club appearances

runners up: lil kim, natalie portman, zooey deschanel, gwen stefani, kelis

xoxo jenna pearle*


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