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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i call foul (for angelea preston)

well, i just finished watching the season finale of all star version of america's next top model.  it was going great with the three remaining contestants competing and angelea, the plucky underdog you can't help rooting for,was doing extremely well.  commercial break....and then, tyra's announcing that angelea was eliminated without further explanation.  it becomes obvious that this whole judging scene has been recreated to choose a new winner.  whomp, whomp!  technically, lisa the loony one won.  however, angelea is the true winner (especially in my eyes).  she deserved to win and spreading the good news too early doesn't seem like a good enough reason to be dqed (the rumor is she posted info up on her facebook before taping).  tyra, i call foul!!
besos jenna pearle*


Jamillah said...

Is that the true story? I've read it is not so true. But I was also upset there was no explanation at all on the show, she was someone people rooted for and it would be the least they could do.

Also! So it's your boys against my boys on Christmas day :P

jenna said...

hey jamillah!

i'm not sure if its true. i wrote this immediately after watching but i haven't heard any other stories about what happened besides that one so far. and yes, its on like donkey kong for xmas. so happy rondo wasn't traded (yet). hope we win but wouldn't mind a ny win either. we shall see xoxo