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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

new obsession: all on the line

so, i never got into the whole project runway takeover,  at first, i didn't have the channel.  and then when i did, it didn't hold my interest much.  this is even after i got (and then turned down) an internship with one of the finalists.  i must admit, i felt kind of out of the loop but didn't want to be socially bullied into watching a show i did not care for.  but then something better and much more my speed came along.

a lil' show they call.....all on the line.  yes, all on the line with joe zee (from the illustrious elle magazine, of course).  now this show is the business.  the premise is some designer who had some form of success has fallen into a downward spinal and desperately needs help.  enter joe zee to the rescue to figure out where this talented wayward soul  went wrong.  the issues tend to delve a lot deeper than the clothing.  some are not able to vocalize their vision; others are not able to delegate because either they're too controlling or too wishy washy.  many are extremely stubborn and fight mr. zee the entire way.  what i find most shocking is that after landing a dream opportunity (which is usually a meeting with a major store and a feature on elle.com), many of the lucky designers end up unprepared and playing catch up until the last few seconds.  a--mazing!! i'd like to think that if my life and business depended on this one day, i would be there early, prepared and with bells on. 
sometimes, things go their way and the buyers decide to work with them.  many times, however, they end up disappointed. 
anyway, this show is the freakin' business.  i highly recommend you watch it...plus, even the commercials are informative and entertaining.  i promise.  #sundance channel

other fashion shows you may fall for:

*fashion hunters (about a nyc consignment shop)
*mad fashion (the lovable characters who make those over the top outfits)  both on bravo

besos jenna pearle*

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