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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot Tracks...Make Her Say

i mentioned last week that i would be incorporating a new feature where we celebrate videos that are aesthetically and musically beautiful.  so, here we are again.  this time, the new selection is kid cudi's "make her say" video featuring kanye west and common.  the video for this song is all kinds of visually stimulating.  here are just a few reasons it was chosen for this honor this week.

  • the gorgeous pastel color scheme
  • the dual screen style the video was filmed in
  • the various men's fashion styles cudi's laidback casual-kanye's casual cool-common's sexy cool
  • good music, great lyrics
  • pretty ladies in many hues
  • the phenomenal nikia phoenix (more about her in an upcoming post)
  • kanye's continued college theme running through
  • all that handsome, talented man swagger
  • kanye
  • man i'm in the mood for, common
besos jenna pearle*

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