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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

down with the kings of queens-run dmc

run dmc, the godfathers of rap.  it goes without saying we owe these pioneers so much for helping to bring hip hop music/culture into the mainstream.  they are also credited with showing that rap could be infused with any genre successfully(specifically rock).  i know you remember their hit with aerosmith, "walk this way."  for me and many others, run dmc are considered fashion icons.  all black everything (usually in leather), adidas with huge laces, gigantic gazelle glasses, heavy rope gold chains, bucket kangols and loads of badass attitude...what more could an impressionable lil' hip-hop loving girl in the 80s ask for?  unfortunately, during the earlier part of the decade, we lost the legendary dj, jam master jay.  despite that, these rap rebels remain tough as leather and in our nostalgic hearts forever. here are some essentials you'll need in your wardrobe in order to be down with the kings of queens.  keep an eye out for great accessories and clothing that meets the kings' criteria at http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/

besos jenna pearle*

by the way, this artwork (up top) is by the artist, alberto russo.  check out his work when you get a chance, passionistas...

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