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Monday, October 18, 2010

Michael Jackson, Keep It In The Closet...video voyeur

i came across a post about the top top 15 stylish music videos on coco and creme. and in true carrie bradshaw style, it got me to thinking...what beautiful music videos took my breath away over the years?  so, i've decided to share some selections i found visually stimulating once a week.  at the beginning of my blog, i shared with you 16 reasons why i love cool by gwen stefani.  this time, i chose one of my favorite michael jackson songs/videos "keep it in the closet" starring the one and only stunner, naomi campbell.  michael beefed up for this one, showing off his muscular tone in that wifebeater and black jeans.  he pulled back his signature curls into a ponytail and proceeded to give us sexy mike.  the sepia coloring give both them and the scenery a sensual aura.  there is really nothing to dislike about this art, as far as i'm concerned.  as usual, these talents do a superb job.
besos jenna pearle*

1 comment:

Lee Oliveira said...

Ever song the Michael did, I just wanna dance.
Love him.. such an icon!