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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gwen Stefani's Cool

i absolutely adore gwen stefani. creative, stylish, goal-oriented, beautiful and yet...somehow vulnerable. she has a quality that makes her accessible to all. her videos (with and without no doubt) personify everything i've described. one of my favorites is the gorgeous "cool" video off of her L.A.M.B album. and here are sixteen reasons why i love it...

1. setting for video is Italy- a place full of beautiful scenery, scrumptious cuisine and great taste.

2. mix match patterns done perfectly

3. the flirty leopard print cardigan

4. pencil and tulip skirts w/ fierce heels

5. gwen rocks the ultra red retro lipstick

6. who doesn't love the pompadoo ponytail- esp on bleach blonde hair

7. delicate jewelry offsets the other bold choices for accessories

8. big belts to cinch in waist and illuminate curves

9. lady like gloves add an extra sip of glamour

10. polka dots! always loved them...always will

11. short shorts/tall heels (with a demure, conservative shirt, of course)

12. thick cat-like black eyeliner is a favorite look of mine

13. sippin' coffee w/ old friends (doesn't get any better than that

14. classy retro bathing suits (saw plenty this summer @ modcloth)

15. breezy summer dresses

16. gwen, herself. she's cool 
xoxo jenna pearle

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