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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

glamour girl, rih-rih


rihanna is on the cover of glamour magazine and has been gifted with the title "Woman of the Year." i suppose in some ways, she has demonstrated strength and growth. certainly, it won't be disputed that rihanna has overcome adversity. i won't debate her newly crowned title because its only glamour magazine, not a pulitzer. i will give rihanna (and stylist team) credit for being innovative and creative with her wardrobe. she has evolved from boring cookie cutter girl next door to an edgy, gothic diva with a few stops in between. so, all hail the new queen of reinvention. madonna, please pass the crown.

xoxo jenna pearle

ps glamour also chose the beautiful and intelligent first
lady, michelle obama as woman of the year. she, too, is
a fashion icon in her own right. congrats to both!

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