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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beyoncé's Why Don't You Love Me-video voyeur

so, i promised you guys a new regular feature before my unexpected hiatus.  that was the video voyeur posts every week that celebrates the aesthetics and overall awsomeness of a great music video.  this week, i'm shining the spotlight on beyonce knowles *as if she needs it*.  this diva has a slew of phenomenal videos under her cinched in belt but today we're discussing "why don't you love me?"  really, there is nothing here not to love.  so, here are a few reasons why i Do love beyonce and this video:

  •  the retro ambience is absolutely impressive
  • beyonce (and those lovely curves) look amazing in that make up, hair and costumes
  • not usually a fan of her (ahem) acting skills BUT here she demonstrates her desperation and frustration quite well
  • the cocky cheekiness thatS become typical of bey(dusting her numerous grammys on the mantle)
  • a catchy song that you can't help but like
conclusion:  ms. bey is a bad mama jama!

besos, jenna pearle*