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Monday, January 3, 2011

ten ways to think yourself beautiful

marilyn monroe (pic courtesy of suicideblonde.tumblr.com)

i came across a phenomenal article on msn about how to feel and therefore be a stunner.  the method: the power of thoughts.  i included the article here (10 ways to think yourself beautiful) but since it was difficult to navigate, i thought i would just paraphrase for your convenience.  let me know what you think!

 10 ways to think yourself beautiful
  1. don't call out your flaws
  2. know you're prettier than what you think (beyond the mirror).
  3. beam a gracious smile
  4. turn your personal heat on
  5. look at your best photos for a pick me up
  6. change up your look
  7. do a media detox
  8. watch real women; discover something beautiful about each one.
  9. hang out with a buddy, you know...the one that appreciates your inner and outer beauty
  10. adopt a different persona (an alter ego)
besos jenna pearle*