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Sunday, January 9, 2011

guilty as charged...trash tv

so sorry i've been missing in action lately.  jersey shore and other reality shows were a small reason why (main reason being i needed a little break).  i have fallen into the abyss of the guilty pleasure known as trash television.  this is my confession (head down).  but the thing is, I LOVE IT!  the ups and downs of these crazy characters has been quite entertaining.  before, i resisted, cancelling my cable subscription for the more uplifting and hands on aspects of life.  finally, i've given in and have no regrets.  are you really living if snookie is not in your life?!!  

  memorable "real" life characters

  • natalie nunn of bad girls club season 4 (ironic name, right?)
  • snookie aka nicole of jersey shore
  • evelyn lozada of basketball wives
  • tami of real world II and basketball wives

by the way, be sure to tune in to the new season of bad girls club on monday (oxygen) and the new season of jersey shore (mtv, of course) on thursdays.  good stuff, i promise.  well, good bad stuff. 

besos, jenna pearle*