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Sunday, January 30, 2011

braids-don't call it a comeback!

bad chick from beautifulboulevard.tumblr.com  (love her)

rihanna, of course

it girl, va$htie

present day brandy w/ her signature braids

queen of the pack, patra
don't call it a comeback; braids have been here for years, (centuries is more like it).  but these days, you can find this hawt retro look on all the fashionable first ladies of cool.  braids have taken form in a number of stylish ways.  there's the fishtail that is oh so popular on the streets and catwalks.  french and cornbraids can be found crowning the heads of the sophisticated and/or sassy.  even the circa nineties poetic justice box braids have worked there way back into our hearts.  box braids use to be a favorite option of mine.  in fact, it was even a bonding exercise between me,my mom and sisters.  we would spend countless hours hooking each other up while catching up.  even after its heyday, i still rocked this look at my college graduation at the turn of the century (cuz thats just how i do).  so go ahead and channel your inner patra or brandy and get to braiding.  you know you wanna be down......
(ps-the numerous african braiding salons must be ecstatic!)
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besos jenna pearle*