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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

golden white

did you catch betty white on snl last saturday?! freakin' hilarious!!! betty white is the bee's knees and has been long before this new popularity surge. although i didn't see much of her in the mary tyler moore show (too young), i remember the golden girls on saturday evenings when i was growing up. later on in college, my roomie and i bonded over golden episodes. we used the song "thank you for..." as the theme for our friendship and secret sorrority. we ate cheesecake at ungodly hours. (good times, hey dani, hey ty) and betty white was an integral part of that time. since then, i've seen her play in several shows (like malcolm in the middle) and be funnier than i remembered. and who hasn't seen her commercials for animal non-profits? betty's no dummy (despite her rose nylon character). she knows how to bring in the dough...and the laughs.

xoxo, the ultimate golden girl, jenna pearle*

ps. it was great to see all of those strong, funny women back on snl...if only for one night.

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