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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

purple violets...movie magic

some movies have such fashionable characters, you almost can't concentrate on the plot. some movies have clothing that fit the characters so well (figuratively and literally), you feel as if you really know them. both scenarios are the case with the edward burns movie "purple violets." i happened to catch this film on showtime one lazy afternoon when i had cable last year. although i caught it a few scenes in, i ws instantly invested. why? well, yes, the storylines were interesting and relatable for me: coming to terms with your dreams and goals as you hit your thirties, dealing with family/friends expectations, and everyone's favorite theme, complicated love relationships. however, what really drew me in with arms of steel was the glorious wardrobe of selma blair who played pattie. (side bar: i adore selma blair and her style on an everyday basis anyway) patty is an aspiring writer who is stuck in a dead end job selling real estate. through her outfits, its clear that writing is her true passion. her downtown style was....well here's what i relished:
patty wore:

  • great accessories. beautiful leather bags in various shades of brown. smart, stylish hats, delicate but distinctive lockets (her signature look).

  • stylish shoes. old black converse chucks, chocolate knee high books, trendy and comfy winter boots.

  • to die for outfits. beautiful sweaters and blouses in great patterns, textures and colors. tailored pants and flattering tweed pencil skirts.

  • gorgeous coats. she wore a beige short pea coat, a belted plaid 3/4 coat and an army green military inspired long coat with silver hardware.

  • lovely night time wear from adorable undershirts to cutesy long john shirts.

it helped tremendously that autumn downtown new york was the backdrop for "purple violets." despite the name, the film was filled with rich pumpkin, raisin and chocolatey hues. other characters like ed burns and debra messing have great fashion moments in the film as well. but, selma is the most consistent and impressive. she achieves an effortless chic but laidback look. the look whispers "i'm an artist who puts comfort and creativity ahead of trends." so, add this movie to your netflix queue to enjoy the fantastic fashion choices. you just may learn a few new tricks for your own fall wardrobe.

here are a few scenes from the movie with great style (i snapped them from the tv as i watched, lol).

xoxo jenna pearle*

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