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Friday, January 6, 2012

the mentoring program

i've decided that in 2012, i will require a few fashion mentors. 

let me explain...my fashion resolution, if you recall, was to be more fearless in my dressing.  i wanted to sort of let go and have fun.  i believe the exact mantra was "dowhatchalike!'  so by mentor, i don't necessarily mean that i want to imitate these individuals' style.  that said, all are fierce and are deserving of imitation.  but for me, what resounds most is how effortless and fearless they seem to be when dressing.  from what i gather, it seems they have an idgaf type of attitude.  that is where i want to be.  i would love to trust my instincts more.  i use to have that before when i lived alone and was more resistant to the opinions of others.  in fact, it didn't even cross my mind.  maybe because i had a job where i had to be out everyday by a certain time.  now working from home mostly, each outfit is a labor of love or laziness.  anyway, look out for my three style maven mentors in the posts to come....

besos jenna pearle*


Jamillah said...

Can't wait to see your inspirations. And I hope this means you will have more outfit posts, friends ;).

jenna said...

thanks! i am itching to do more outfit posts but my lil iphone, poor lighting and lack of help taking pics is getting in the way. but hopefully all of that will change soon. :)