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Saturday, March 2, 2013

back in business

hola, my lovelies.

it's been a while, i know.  i really wasn't sure if i would be back to the posh brown experience for a variety of reasons. 

 numero uno:  honestly, i just began to find the whole fashion world to be so extremely shallow and empty, i couldn't bring myself to come up with anything to talk about here.  i could care less who's wearing what when there are so many more important events happening in society.  this seemed even more evident to me as the political election of 2012 took over our lives.  not to mention hurricanes and elementary school shootings.   a lot was (and still is) at stake.  
numero dos:  i'm finally writing a novel!!  this is a statement i've made many times.  the difference is that i intend to complete this project.  it's  young adult fiction filled with diverse characters and compelling plots and subplots.  i am about more than halfway in and i am so proud of my progress.  since i am so determined to finish this book, i didn't want to have any other writing obligations.  therefore, i put this blog on the back burner.  
reason #3:  i have other blogs and microblogs where i continue to share my thoughts or the thoughts of others that i wholeheartedly agree with thanks to twitter, fb, and my tumblr pages.

anyhow, i was reading a writing blog yesterday that advised me to write publicly every day.  according to them, that would only enhance my skills.  since i've missed the posh brown experience so and plan on resurrecting my boutique soon, i thought 'what the hell?  let's do it again...{in my staples sisters' voice, though.}'  i also remembered that the mission of this blog had very little to do with fashion and that phony, shallow lifestyle.  we were actually all about celebrating diverse and inclusive beauty.  pbe was also a blog about beauty in art, literature and nature.  so with that in mind, the posh brown experience is back in business!!

besos jenna pearle*

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