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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

calling all frugalistas

frugal but fierce...

hello everyone! it is my favorite time of the year (in terms of fashion, anyway). September!!! the magazines are bulky and inspirational. the new styles are quickly emerging. people are back to taking their outfits seriously. no more summer slouching. our economic situation does not allow us to splurge like previous, carefree times. lucky for us, retail has taken this detail into consideration. target has come up with the term "frugalista" for dam$$sels in dollar distress. this year and last, i have taken advantage of this. comfortable but cute wedge boots make almost every outfit chic. they also have a bomber jacket in toffee that looks great (have to see it in person first before i fully endorse it).
grabbed a gorgeous eggplant blazer in corduroy from H&M for $40. gives a great silhouette! last but not least, dress barn had some amazing back to work clothes (i know, i was surprised, too). scored two fabulous pairs of heels (comfy ones) that make a passionista feel fierce (Tyra talk).

honorable mention: forever 21, street fairs, victoria's secret catalogue

xoxo jenna pearle

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