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Friday, November 20, 2009

the eye of the beholder

sometimes, it appears our country only values a specific kind of beauty. white, young, blonde and skinny seem to be the key ingredients. we are constantly bombarded with images and messages that whisper loudly in our ears that the closer we are to this particular standard, the closer we are to being pretty, the higher chance we have of being loved. isn't that what we all want? the damage this issue creates is unfathomable but quite obvious. our world consists of people who come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. in each category, there is the good, bad and sometimes ugly. i've seen my share of not so attractive bleach blonde girls; i've witnessed gorgeous pleasantly plump, short, dark Indian women. i truly look forward to the day when the borders of the beauty spectrum widen and the cute club is not so exclusive.

here is a list of features i find pretty:


chubby cheeks

kinky, curly, coily hair (locs incl)

brown (blackish) hair

brown skin

pale skin (zoey deschanel style)

red hair


slight pot bellies

girls who are short (petite)

signs of aging gracefully

luscious lips

long eyelashes

athletic builds


you're beautiful, you're beautiful. its true xo xo jenna pearle

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