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Friday, November 13, 2009

pretty in pink- luxurious ballerina girl

this past tuesday, while perusing the cheapchic H&M, i came across a baby lotion pink faux cashmere button up sweater with ruffled shoulder short sleeves. completely smitten, i dashed to the cashier to purchase immediately. how could i not?! this fab find truly inspired me. instantly, i imagined luxurious ballerina divas with poise. thoughts of soft grey, cotton candy pink and oatmeal danced through my one track mind. i had visions of stealthy brushes against cashmere, buttery cotton and cozy knitwear. i envisioned limber legs adorned in tights, leggings round toe heels and flats crossed sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping cocoa and apple cider. aaaahhh...the good life!
xoxo jenna pearle

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