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Saturday, December 5, 2009

stay tuned...victory ford

one of THE most impeccably dressed women to grace television was hands down victory ford. who's that, you ask? victory ford was the adorable clothing designer on the addictive show, lipstick jungle. unfortunately, the show has since been cancelled. however, the memory of stylish outfits stays with me. but...back to ms. ford!
victory ford was portrayed by lindsay price, who had the perfect physical presence to bring all the ensembles to life. petite, too cute for description, and still accessible. most often, victory was adorned in shift dresses, tight pencil skirts, a-line cutesy dresses and beautiful coats. every once in a while, she could be found lounging in jeans (still styled to a tee). ford was fearless with her colors (fuschias, emerald greens, royal blues). she was able to be business appropriate (her business being fashion) without looking too severe or boring. although a part of a fab cast, ms. ford was victorious in standing out in the crowd. pink pearl to one of the best dressed characters on a short lived show, the vivacious victory ford
its a jungle out there...xo xo jenna pearle

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Taina Style said...

Great post. I still can't believe the show got canceled. Are they nuts? You are right, Victory Ford was one of the best dressed women on television....ever! :)