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Thursday, January 7, 2010

fela fever

this is my fela kuti inspiration board/collage. viva nigeria!

it is such an extraordinary experience when you are able to extract inspiration from an unexpected place. such was the case last night after watching the critically acclaimed broadway show Fela (as in Fela Kuti). it is beyond my power to accurately relay what a phenomenal show it was. i will only say that it was stimulating for almost all the senses (including smell). it was thoroughly entertaining...and it was extremely informative. in fact, it made you want to leave Imperial Theatre and go "fight the powers that be." ASAP! and as for the dancing, i admit i was ready to run up there on stage to gyrate and groove right along with the performers. if you don't know about fela's story and music, i encourage you to do so soon. not only was this man fearless, he was just so damn cool. did i mention talented? cuz he definitely is. his style really can't be duplicated but i decided to do a bit of a collage based on the beauty of fela and his Movement Of the People. i hope its able to inspire you to catch the spirit of Fela!

shufferin and shmilin' jenna pearle

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