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Friday, September 3, 2010

a bunch of bananas-rzoe

i know i'm like two decades late with this but...i LOVE rachel zoe. for whatever reasons, (like 1. i don't get the bravo channel and 2. wasn't too sure if i cared for rachel), i never watched the rachel zoe project. however, as it became more clear to me that i was meant for a career in fashion, i thought i should this show out. so, i sauntered over to iTunes and whatdayaknow?, the entire season was a mere 11 bucks. little did i know i would soon be addicted like an addict to meth. soon, i was so completely invested and engrossed. the clothes, the accessories, the events, the crises...love it, love it LOVE IT!!!!! then there is the style of the cast:
  • Brad and his preppy, bow tie adorable outfits.
  • Taylor and her dark, rock n roll attitude to match her dark and perpetually pissy demeanor.
  • and Rachel herself with her boho, retro chic look.

i even look forward to the metro looking rodger and the lovable joey, the make-up artist. quite frankly, everything about this show is....BANANAS! i just wish there were more episodes. oh, how will i get my fix when i'm all caught up on three seasons. OMG, I DIE!

above is a photoshoot with zoe and prominent fashion designers acting out her famous phrase "i die!" too freakin' cute!

xoxo jenna pearle*

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