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Thursday, January 21, 2010

there's something about zooey

"i'm happiest in something a little nostalgic..." zooey deschanel

well...whats not to love about zooey deschanel? the ruffles, the girly bows, the perfect bangs, the eyeliner, the adorable retro looks, the cutesy headbands, those eyes that resemble our planet Earth ect. ... simply gorgeous!!!

ever since zooey graced us with her presence in my favorite movie "almost famous", i've been smitten. of course, i wasn't the only one to notice. zooey stole the hearts of the loyal, indie circuit fellas as well. lucky magazine describes her personal style best "part indie songstress, part 40's film star with kid-like flourishes." take a peek. i repeat, what's not to love?

xo xo jenna pearle

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