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Sunday, January 3, 2010

mama knows best...link up

i'm pretty lucky. both of my parents are extremely stylish. it would be basically impossible not to have that passion for fashion in my blood. today, however, i will focus on my mom. i am not being biased when i say, my mom is/was a fox! gorgeous! i've seen the pictures of her in her minis, hot pants and go-go boots (despite the comfortable, Carribean weather) before my time. i can clearly recall observing her during my childhood (eighties baby), doing the wall street shuffle in power skirt suits, beautiful dresses and pretty coats. my mom was a chameleon, winning the reinvention war with madonna (i had no idea what her hair color or length was). she had all the eighties dresses, jumpsuits and colored jeans one could ever imagine. what could be better than that, you ask?! her taking just as much effort to transform me into a style mini maven, as well. yes, i ,too, had the best sweater dresses, skirt suits, denim skirts, bubble gum jeans, pearls and colorful pocketbooks in the whole of p.s whatever it was. and this was brooklyn, so thats saying something. so thank you, mom, for impeccable taste (even if ours is not identical).
speaking of stylish moms, there is a blog dedicated to this exact homage. its called My Mom, The Style Icon and is run by the fabulous Piper Weiss. the concept is people with hot moms send photos of their subjects in their heyday (in one of her finest outfits, of course) and Weiss will publish it. absolutely love it!!! not only does it make you smile, it can also give you some tips on what it takes to be a hot mama. so, check it out: http://momstyleicons.blogspot.com/
i guarantee that (unless you're made of concrete) this blog will make you smile. and, hey, why not participate and send in a pic of your favorite fashion icon/mom?
hugs n kisses from the daughter of a diva, jenna pearle

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