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Saturday, May 1, 2010

80s baby

what i remember about my 80's childhood fashion:

acid wash jeans*sweater dresses* charm bracelets* stopwatches* la gear* travel foxes* spandex* adidas sweat suit* scrunchies* banana clips* crimping iron* leg warmers* jellies* pearls* coca cola clothes* door knocker earrings* multi-colored plastic earrings* leggings* shoulder pads* accessories galore
music icons:
prince, michael jackson, madonna, janet jackson, cindy lauper, phil collins, janet jackson, anita baker, whitney houston, george michael, jody watley, salt n pepa, culture club
favorite toys:
handheld video games, perfection, cabbage patch kids, get in shape girl, super mario bros./ mike tyson's punchout bubble bobble, Qbert, pacman, my first white boombox with purple and pink buttons...
update coming soon for favorite 80s movies
ur favorite 80s baby, jenna pearle*

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