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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i'll be heading to my mecca again today...also known as barnes & nobles. these are the two books i plan on purchasing. "the carrie diaries" is out. i was not a fan of "sex n the city" the book. candace bushnell's writing is...different. some things i like...some things i don't. just finished reading "One 5th Ave" during my florida stint and it kept me entertained. i also enjoyed "lipstick jungle" i look forward to the carrie diaries because 1. duh, its carrie bradshaw! and 2. i love the 80's. i am also very into young adult novels since i'm an expert on the subject (says me) and plan to write my own one day (wish me luck). anyway, i'll let you know how it goes.
(btw, i am just finishing up the gossip girl prequel "it had to be you" and loving it.)
the second book "how to never look fat again" is one i saw on wendy. the author was on giving tips from the book on obviously how not to look fat. there was a before and after fashion show and i was impressed. although i am not against people looking fat perse, i am interested in how to choose the most flattering clothing and make-up. as my body changes, its something that i'm forced to deal with. no longer can i wear any and everything, it seems (wiping away a tear). anyway, we shall see if charla k. has the magic formula.
ta ta! xoxo jenna pearle*

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