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Monday, August 9, 2010

taking care of business

in case you've been on a retreat in tibet and haven't heard, wyclef jean is running for president of haiti. i applaud jean for not just talking about an issue but taking action. will he be a successful prez? i don't know but i'm hoping for the best for him and our beloved haiti. personal opinion time: if bush could "run" the US for eight years, i don't see why someone like wyclef (or me, haha) couldn't handle the responsibility. many had doubts about the relatively new on the scene barack obama and so far, he's handling it like a champ (given the circumstances). and what about schwarzenagger, ventura, reagan...it is clear that wyclef has a deep love for his mother country and that alone will get him through some tough times. good luck, wyclef and a major BOOOOOO! to all the naysayers fighting against you (ahem, cousin pras, like i care who you back in any election). here's a pic from the family fugee reunion a few years back. how gorgeous is ms. hill here?! toodles!
xoxo jenna pearle*

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