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Saturday, September 11, 2010

day of rememberance

at this moment, i am wiping away tears as i watch the 9-11 day of rememberance on television. this day gets me everytime. what a surreal moment in time that was. i must admit that since it happened as i finished college and was urgently looking for work (a major turning point in my life), it shook me severely. this is the unstable world i was being thrown into? SCARY! nothing in my life (nothing in the world) was ever the same again. bless all the souls of the departed as well as all the friends and family of those lost. that said, the backlash against muslims is so against what this country is suppose to be about. its against human kindness. i could go on but this not a blog about that. but if in any way i could influence you, i beg that you remember to keep an open mind for all the various people in the world. generalizing and stereotyping is the easy way out and we're better than that.
xo jenna pearle

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