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Monday, December 13, 2010

my so called life

as you already know, my internet/computer situation has been a mess.  that doesn't mean, however, that i was not keeping busy.  in fact, my schedule was filled to capacity with interesting adventures.  i took on an internship with a french designer who opened a boutique on the east side of manhattan.  unfortunately, it became obvious that wasn't the right situation for me and i left after a week.  also, i think i mentioned before that i've been taking courses at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology.  this past fall semester was the most classes to date.  one of them was called "wardrobe for television, film and theatre."  it would be a dream come true to have an opportunity to be a costume designer/stylist on great shows like gossip girl, gilmore girls or general hospital.  
i also sharpened my skills with another image consulting course and a class called "styling for the celebrity image."  total bliss! last but not least was a course called "fashion in film & media."  my teacher was like a facsimile of liza minelli.  she had the look, the voice, the same kookiness.  !muy interesante!  anyway, above is my final project for the image consulting course.  my assignment was to have my partner from class act as my client and update her current look.  claudia was a bit conservative working in a corporate environment but had a creative flame inside of her.  she wanted to step her game up in terms of her casual outfits and add a bit of effortless sexy.  obviously, you're not hearing the actual presentation but still...what do you think?  was i successful?

besos jenna pearle*